Dental & Surgical Bibs
do what no other dental bibs can


Unlike ordinary bibs, new GantGuard™ Dental and Surgical Bibs protect more of the patient’s clothing, while eliminating cross contamination. No more disposable bib holders or alligator clips, chains, sterilization and cross contamination. Plus, they free up storage space while lowering your treatment cost per patient, saving your practice money.

GantGuard Dental and Surgical Bibs are also available in a pediatric size, in your choice of solid colors or pediatric prints.

Patented Gantik™ Authorized adhesive is non-toxic, non-irritating, self-activating and adheres easily and comfortably to clothing or skin, leaving no residue. ISO 10993-5 and ISO 10993-10:2010 Certified.

Easily pull open the bib and apply it to the patient. No more sliding or moving bib while you’re working, yet it repositions easily and is disposable. Eliminates alligator clip sterilization and cross contamination.

Perforated U-neck cut-out area covers clothing and collars, providing greater coverage and comfort. No flimsy tabs, clips or ties.

Impervious to stains and pills. Keeps patient clothing stain-free and dry. Almost twice the size of ordinary bibs.

GantGuard Dental and Surgical Bibs are 1-ply poly/1-ply of thick, absorbent tissue and are available in Light Blue, Mauve, Periwinkle, Lavender, White or Gray. GantGuard Signature Dental Bibs measure 18” x 22” and Surgical Bibs measure 18” x 29”. GantGuard Classic Dental Bibs measure 18” x 16”. Pediatric Bibs are available in solid colors or fun child prints and designs, measure 13.5” x 16”.

Our Portable Dispenser keeps GantGuard Dental and Surgical Bibs within easy reach, freeing up multiple drawers and shelves of dental bib storage for other needed items and instruments. Portable Dispenser is refillable, disposable and recyclable.


Step 1
Tear From Roll

Step 2
Tear Off Neck

Step 3
Easily Pull Open

Step 4
Apply To Patient

Success Stories

The first innovation of dental bibs in decades!

Official Edison Award Nomination Committee

Great for use over our masks and anti-microbial uniforms. Can be used to protect staff, patients or anyone!

Deborah Carrier, RDHTwice As Nice Uniforms, CEO