Disposable Face and Mask Protectors
Protect your face, neck, ears, masks and clothing from direct fluid exposures.  Disposable cover that can potentially extend the life of  your mask. Useful for anyone who needs protection from sneezes and coughs!


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have modified our Surgical bibs to meet immediate needs of healthcare workers and first responders.

By extending the contoured neck-line and adding additional layers of the patented Gantik self-adhesive to the bottom of our bibs, we provide a fully disposable cover to protect your face, neck, ears and torso.

Potentially save on mask usage and protect scarves or bandanas with a disposable cover.   Designed to prevent cross contamination to other patients, workers and your home.

Impervious to liquid and stains. One-ply poly, one-ply thick, absorbent tissue. Developed to keep patient clothing and hospital gowns protected from neck to knees, it is ideal for use as a face and mask protector while attending to coughing patients, administering liquid medications or providing other care giving duties. Your coughing patients can use them to cover mouth and nose when a proper mask is not available.

GantGuard Face and Mask protector is now available. It has an extra long neck which allows you to wrap it around the head. Covers your mouth, mask, nose, ears, necklines and torso. Its lightweight, comfortable and fits under or over plastic face shields.

Patented Gantik® Authorized adhesive is non-toxic, non-irritating and adheres easily and comfortably to cloth or skin, leaving no residue. ISO 10993-5 and ISO 10993-10:2010 Certified.

When masks are not available to patients in waiting areas, set out our Portable Dispenser to keep GantGuard within easy reach. Take a box with you wherever you go, whether in the room, on the floor or running the meal cart. Frees up storage cabinets, drawers and shelves for other needed items.

Proudly made in the USA, GantGuards are manufactured in Alpharetta, Georgia.
There are thousands of cases available and IN STOCK. United States healthcare workers and first responders are our first priority for distribution. Contact us today!

Success Stories

Best product at the New York Dental Show by far!

New York, NY. Dental Hygenists

First innovation in dental bibs in over two decades!


Perfect protective cover for our face masks and anti-microbial clothing line. This product isn't just for the healthcare workers, but is great for anyone!

Deborah Carrier, RDHTwice As Nice Uniforms, CEO